Reasons Why VPS Hosting Plan Is Perfect Solution for Growing Websites

Fortunately, your website is a success with thousands of visitors visiting daily as well as sales are steadily increasing. It is time to extend your website, add new features, and create a new promotional scheme to attract more traffic. With a shared hosting plan, your current traffic demand is undergoing some issues, and to add more features or apps to increase the traffic the speed can succumb. It is practical to upgrade your hosting plan.

There are other two options VPS and dedicated hosting. Dedicated hosting means migrating to a vast space with more computing resources and capacity than you need. VPS or Virtual Private Server is a hybrid of shared and dedicated hosting. It offers more space and resources than shared hosting and this can be an ideal leap from your growing needs.

MonoVM offers the best web hosting plans including shared, VPS, and dedicated packages. Monovm even accepts cryptocurrencies as a payment mode to buy BTC domains. It even provides SSL certificates from reputable and authentic companies for solid security against cyberattacks.

Reasons why VPS hosting plan is a great solution for growing sites

Cost-effective growth

With steadily developing business, it is essential to ensure that your IT expenses are economical. Your website has outgrown the shared hosting, so you can choose a VPS plan for the needed extra resources rather than a dedicated server with vast bandwidth, which is unnecessary. A Linux VPS offering 8192 MB RAM costs $64.99 per month, while a Window VPS with the same RAM costs $69.99. The cheapest dedicated server plan with 32 GB RAM costs 127 per month, which is significantly more than VPS. Why pay more when your needs are fulfilled with the VPS plan?

High availability server

VPS is a virtual section, which has no physical elements. The physical server on which it is hosted may collapse but it has a backup. The server is booted instantly by another physical server, so your apps stay online. It is perfect for crucial apps that need 24/7 internet services.

Tight security

A growing business needs substantial security for protecting their sensitive data from getting infected or stolen. VPS is totally separate from other users, so the chances of any other website getting compromised on the physical server will not affect your website’s safety. Besides, the hosting provider offers an array of security features with VPS plan like patching and operating system updates, intrusion monitoring, firewall, and remote backups.

No concern about neighbor drain

When a single website has heavy traffic then the performance of other websites is badly affected in shared hosting. If one user operates an intensive app the other user will have to deal with few resources. It will slow the loading speed or stall some apps. With VPS, neighbors’ activities will not drain your site performance as it has a dedicated resource even if it is hosted on a single physical server.

VPS hosting plan offers high performance at economical costs without downtime concerns. You gain more memory, storage, and processing power along with security, server management, and easy up-gradation.


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