What is Importance of Necessary Quality Control?

In the present industrial scenario, quality is very important for the survival of the company in the competition. The success of any company’s product is based on which company can offer their product of highest-quality at most reasonable price.

If the company has necessary quality control system in place then they can stay ahead in the competition and also deliver their product that can be exceeding the expectation of their customers too.

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Visual testing, is one of the important parts of the quality control process, which is also abbreviated as VT. Any testing of optical or any visual non-destructive material is concerned VT is one important step.

VT will be used for not only for quality assurance, but also in repair and maintenance activities too. Most of the visual inspections process are carried out while series of production is going on and also during final inspection.

With the help of visual inspection, it is possible to distinguish between direct or indirect type of visual inspection. Most of the quality standards too puts emphasis on visual inspections during the online quality check.

Direct visual inspection

During direct visual inspection, all the components that are to be inspected will first be tested by certain quality inspector. Further testing, analysis as well as assessment will be carried out by another person.

Most of the visual inspection is directly carried out by using certain tools called borescopes.

Few advantages of performing direct visual inspection by using borescopes are:

  • Non-destructive testing by using certain simple technical equipment
  • Ideal for sampling
  • Mobile use

Following are few disadvantages too.

  • Since there cannot not be any documentation for visual inspection, hence no comparable results will be available
  • Accuracy will depend upon the experience and the ability of inspector who will be judging the quality

Indirect visual inspection

Usually, in case of indirect visual inspections, whole areas are to be checked and inspected will be first captured by a suitable camera and then it will be displayed on the monitor screen.

All the test images obtained can also be subjected to few more work steps. As an example, the image taken can be enlarged and all details are visually highlighted for doing further analysis or the image is saved for documentation purpose.

Having display on the screen, many other people too can offer their judgement.

Nowadays, the trend is more towards indirect type of visual inspection, as use of camera offers much more possibilities that leads to efficient interruption of production process.

Most of such indirect visual inspections can be performed by using videoscopes or any stationary inspection solutions. For industries having high quality requirements, mostly inspection solutions will be used, which offers high resolution images.

Following are few advantages of these indirect visual inspections:

  • Digitalization can enable image optimization to get better defect evaluation
  • Defects can always be documented
  • Secure 100 per cent controls
  • Better analysis possible
  • For process optimization you can track documented defects

Following are the disadvantages:

  • Acquisition costs can be higher
  • More space will be needed

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