Choose your Supervisor Wisely to Avoid Cancellation of Your Driver’s License

A supervising driver is someone who acts as a positive influence and a role model for the learner. The experience he/she will possess is invaluable and will go a long way in giving confidence to the learner in the beginning of their driving journey.

Pass First Go is a premium harbour where instructors and supervisors are professional experts and also hold valid license. By taking driving lessons Keilor Downs area from these professionals, you ensure that the license you have earned is valid and stand no chance of cancellation.

Some tips for the driving supervisors

Whether you are a parent, or an expert driver you hold a position of influence in the life of learner driver. Let us see how you can as a supervisor enhance the learners experience in a positive way:

  • Learn to stay calm and stress free during the entire session.
  • Start introducing the roads to the learner gradually, from quiet streets to peak traffic hours on roads.
  • Your instructions must be clear and should allow enough time for the learner to comprehend and follow them.
  • Ensure your 100% attention and focus during sessions.
  • Explain thoroughly what the learner is about to experience at the beginning of each session.
  • Demonstrate effectively and slowly every step and correct procedures.
  • Allow time to ensure multiple practice sessions for one process.
  • Give feedback only after the learner has parked the vehicle and give praise while keeping your negative feedback situation specific.
  • Choose the learning pace as per his/her capacity.

Why is a good supervisor important?

If you a learner driver and is looking for a driving supervisor, here are a list of characteristics you must look for:

  • A supervisor must possess an unconditional/full license that authorizes him/her to drive Class C vehicle.
  • The license must not have any disqualification in the preceding 2 years.
  • He/she should never have alcohol blood level of more than 0.05 or any other established addictive substance use.
  • The motor vehicle used for your training should be in a good condition and must hold a valid current registration.
  • The supervisor must accompany you in the vehicle at all times even in parking spaces during practice.
  • He/she should be patient and calm to provide you stress free and slow paced learning.

What are the consequences you have to bear if your supervisor is found to be fraudulent?

If during any part of your training, your supervisor is found to be fraudulent and does not comply with license rule, he/she will have to face penalties. This does not end here but you will also have to suffer because:

  • Your log book entries will become invalid and will not be counted towards your total hour requirement.
  • With less training hours in your hand, your licence will have to bear the risk of cancellation.
  • While you will have to surrender your old license, you will also have to apply for a reissue and go through the entire process again.

Do not fall prey to fraud and ensure that your supervisor has given you accurate and authentic information about their expertise and license requirement.

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