A Guide On How To Release Your Music Online

With the advent of technology, it is getting easier for people to sell music online with the help of various websites designed to suit the purpose. The time has gone waiting around 4 hours outside the studio for producers to release your songs. If your songs are of great quality, they will get the desired platform you have been looking for.

Different platforms serve several purposes. MusicDigi is one such music helping young talents and musicians in recording and selling their songs. It works with 100+ digital platforms and you can sell your music on Amazon as well with the website. It only deals with a very reasonable fee yearly basis for selling your music.

You can get in touch with so many digital platforms like Amazon, Spotify, Tidal, iTunes, etc. and with so many amazing platforms, your songs will get due recognition. You can put your music on Tidal in a similar manner. The distribution channel is so simple and easy with uploading taking place in a matter of seconds.

Reasons why you should make MusicDigi your platform for selling music

  1. Distribution is easy

This website deals with hassle-free and easy distribution by having a connection with so many other platforms working in the same way. The streaming and downloading takes place faster and reviewing are normally done within 24 hours.

  1. Real-time reporting

It deals with real-time reporting and helping you in tracking your music in the right way. You can make you’re analyzing by knowing from where your fans are downloading and streaming all your music.

  1. Monthly payments

The best part is you can get music on Spotify and also paid monthly for the same. The break up of your price is directly given to you for helping you keep track of where you are earning your money from.

Also, there are no hidden costs and the yearly payment makes it easy for everyone to use this platform. There are sales-boosting tools for helping you earn money in short notice. You can keep your music to yourself and it is 100% certified to be yours with no intervention in between.

Selling music globally has become so easy with MusicDigi streaming more than 100 digital platforms. With this platform, you can also make money through YouTube as your music will be played there as well. Simply you have to log in to the website and you are good to go.

How does the website work?

  1. Signing up to the website

It takes hardly 60 seconds for signing up for your account on MusicDigi for featuring all of your songs and albums. Signing in gives you recognition and is essential.

  1. Creating a release

Try uncovering all your cover art and your music in detail for helping people know what you are intending to sing and if you have a composer to that, give credits to the composer as well. The release of the audio files along with the information happens within minutes.

  1. Set a price for your songs

You can sell your music on iTunes but first, you have to set prices for all of your songs or the album. The prices of artists vary and you must be confident enough to charge appropriate amounts for your talent. You have full control to do so.

  1. Select the store

Now with so many digital stores in hand, you might get confused as to which store you must release your songs. The releasing all depends on you so, choose the digital store which suits your criteria and where you will have a huge number of listeners. You can choose to put your music on Tidal.

  1. Collecting of royalties

After releasing your music worldwide, the only thing you have to do is collecting royalties for your songs. You will find full copyright to your songs. Your music will appear on all the biggest platforms and you can earn huge sums from that!

The payment is done straight through PayPal with 91% of the royalty paid directly to you. The website provides UPC and ISRC codes before your release free of charge. Tracking data becomes possible through the various reports available and the same goes on for different countries as well.

For all the Spotify premium users, there are special features as well. They offer 2 weeks ahead of your official release. The dedicated expert team will help you in all cases. You can also make your songs visible on your Facebook and Instagram accounts.


Your music is special to you and MusicDigi understands your emotion with your music. They will provide very best to you and they will charge only the yearly fee and nothing more than that. The website is safe and you must give a try of knowing the website.

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