7 Questions That Help to Find A Suitable Project Management System

The project management tools are being developed in plenty. It is hard to browse and identify the correct solution. People get easily stuck with an inappropriate solution because making changes or migrating to a new solution is also time-consuming and hard. This means that you need to make the right choice and avoid the pain and frustration but where to start is the challenging question.

The first step is to consider business objectives, implementation & improvement, and the solution. Answer the questions to discover the appropriate project management tool.

Questions related to business objectives

  1. What are your business objectives?
  2. What KPIs need upgrading for achieving the business objectives?

While choosing PM software, the common error made is envisioning a certain set of features or a single feature. They forget what they are trying to achieve or why it is significant to their business.

You must be familiar with your business goals. It doesn’t matter, if it is scalability, efficiency, increase in profit margin, growth, etc. Compute or calculate it by writing how success will look like in practice including dollars, weeks, days, and hours. Put an effort to make it real to measure success. Use Scrum Board to maintain team collaboration at a single place. It helps everyone involved in the project stay committed to a goal.

Implementation questions

  1. Who will use it and how?
  2. Will the solution provider help to train the employees?
  3. What about ongoing training and support?

Focus on the larger picture like management before installing. Get familiar with the process and how your employees will handle it daily. Discuss this with them and get to know their issues that need to be resolved. The vendor will consider look into their problems and focus his/her software designing towards resolving it.

The biggest concern about including the latest technology is adapting. Employees will be eager to use the software if they got involved in the decision-making process. Never tell your employees what to use but the discussion has to be on what problems they need to be resolved and then offer the tool as a solution.

PlanStreet’s Kanban Board uses the agile framework. It is flexible and allows changes anytime. Teams get to see the project workflow in real-time. PlanStreet even helps in training and getting your employees on board. No one desires just a software solution but needs a relationship that takes care of any type of arising issues.

Solution questions

  1. Do you wish to buy or build?
  2. Are you looking for a specialized solution?

Building your own project management system is a great short-term solution. You save money in building your own app but forget to consider the initial development and running costs. As your business grows, scalability is not possible.

It is wise to choose an integrated specialized solution. It will be less expensive. Its usability will be better because the PMS was designed for specific employees and management.

Call PlanStreet for Gantt Chart demo trials!

Tips to choose PMS services

  • Ask for referrals and get in touch

Demo trial is great to know the solution properly

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