How Can Sirona.TV Help The Elderly Connect With Technology

The digital world and the devices that connect us to the digital world have become vital elements in the lives of the younger generations. To help the younger generation and the older generation connect, creating innovative products designed specifically for the elderly is necessary.

Sirona.TV is a radical innovation in elderly-friendly technology; it helps the seniors easily connect with their friends, family and helps them stay safe and independent in their homes. It is a set-top box that connects to a TV and it is easy to use, provides cost-effective connectivity and ensures healthcare and safety to its user. Furthermore, it’s a 6-microphone voice input and a remote-control interface system makes this device easy to use.

The device works when you connect it to an Apple TV like a set-top box. This allows phone calls, video chats, and streaming of videos. Furthermore, it has a built-in Alexa that can be a companion for the elderly. She can give reminders and even answer their questions. Furthermore, it provides medication reminders and even monitors their vital signs.

Requirements for the elderly

The following are some requirements that the senior citizens have which must be fulfilled by the devices to make it desirable to them.

  • Easy to use: The TV provides a large screen making it easier for the elderly to view the screen and its contents. It provides the largest size in comparison to devices like smartphones and tablets. Furthermore, its remote control interface makes easy to use and the speech-to-text eliminates any kind of typing.
  • Minimal learning curve: Senior citizens have a tougher time learning new things. The TV and remote has been used by them for years so they will not need to learn any more techniques. For example, there is no need for them to learn typing as they can use voice command to alert Alexa and give commands.
  • Available all the time: The television is available to anyone at any time. They must have solutions to their problems 24 hours a day. Furthermore, the built-in Alexa for seniors could be their companion at all times of the day.
  • Cost-effective: Some senior citizens live on a retirement fund so they have a limited budget. They would not be able to afford high priced service providers. But the set-top box mentioned above is a one-time investment with low monthly costs and the TV is a common household appliance.
  • Stigma less: The assistive devices may not be liked by the elderly as it may make them seem disabled or helpless. However, TV is a modern innovation that shows technological advancement rather than assistance in old age. It bridges the gap between the younger and older generation.


All of the requirements mentioned above can be fulfilled by the set-top box. The set-top box could be like a personal assistant of the elderly. Furthermore, it makes them more independent as they can carry out tasks easier and by themselves like keeping track of their health, learning new things by watching videos and calling their loved ones on their own.

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