The Influence Of Technology In Toys and Games

The mention of toys and kids are words that are music to the toy retailers. Technology has disrupted the toys and games market.

Not only does it make the retailer make the coolest tech toys but it also has to retain the kids’ attention unlike the previous toys and games.

As long as there are kids, they’ll be toys and parents to buy. It is no secret that parenthood is becoming an expensive hobby, because apart from buying the toy, you have to make sure that it is safe and best for the kids.

In the past, kids relied on handmade toys and board games. These toys and games boring in nature. Today instead of handmade dolls, you have talking dolls that communicate with the kids as they play.

The Influence Of Technology In Toys and Games

Not only does this make the kids engaged, it also helps them learn their surrounding fast.

Like all aspects of retails, the toys industry has changed with some competitors being blown away. Not just on the kinds of toy that they produce, they audience have also to capture the their interest.

To make games more interactive, we have seen the rise of remote controlled toys. In the past, most kids used to push small toys cars with their hands on the floor and make some noise.

With recent changes in technology, there’s remote controlled toys that enable kids to move that car in whichever speed they want. The fun about the remote controlled car is that it has encourage kids to compete in groups.

When kids play with toy robot like dash and dot, they get the opportunity to learn programming. With robot toys the kids learn how to program it to move. Vikas Gupta, founder and CEO of Wonder Workshop said,toys that introduce computer coding and robotics to kids at a tender age could have many benefits.

Other toys that has undergone tremendous change is the kick scooter for kids. In the past, the kids used to kick the pavement for it move.

Thanks to technology, there is an electric scooter. Kids can charge an electric scooter and ride it for long hours before and then kick later when the battery is over.

Toys like hoverboards and drones are getting common among kids. With a hoverboard, the kid can stand on their two legs and the boards move. All they need to do is control it with their two legs.

In the past kids used to play with toy planes, today we have drones. Drones give the kids the motor skills. Some drones even come with cameras which the kids can use to survey the sky and take control of their movement.

Technology has changed the playing experience for kids. Not only has it managed to retain their attention. It has also made them develop the desire to learn about how to operate various gadgets.

Despite the worry that kids may consume too much time with tech gadget and toys, parents can determine how much they want their kids to spend time with these toys.

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