CBD Edibles Dosing Guidelines

There is no standard dosing chart, so new users are recommended to start low and increase gradually until they identify the right dosage. When you start CBD never overdo it because this can cause fatigue, so work your way high. It is sensible to start with 10 mg of CBD daily so that your body can get acclimatized. Besides the dosage level, even the ingestion method plays a huge role. One method works faster than the other. So, you need to determine a method to be used as per your medical conditions.

Types of dosing method

CBD oil is used –

  • Sublingually or added in drinks & food.
  • Vape oils and concentrates are smoked via a vape pen or used with a pin.
  • Edibles are eaten.
  • Topical is rubbed directly on the skin.

Start low and add 0.05 mg to 5 mg after the 4th day and as soon as the desired result gets attained stop increasing. You will need to experiment because everyone interacts differently with CBD. Some will feel balanced in half of the dose the other needs to stay relieved. It can take some time to find out the right dosage. Many aspects that contribute to the relief level are –

  • Brand
  • strains
  • Genetics
  • Dosage
  • Your biology
  • Lifestyle
  • Mental health
  • Physical health
  • Tolerance level

Therefore a ‘suggested serving’ or ‘recommended dosage’ does not work for everyone.

CBD dosage with edibles

CBD edibles are available in 10 to 25 mg servings. You can determine the amount of CBD you can get in a single dose. A person with a weight of 150 lbs. can start with 10 mg and after 90 minutes you will feel the effect. If you did not get the necessary relief then take another 10 mg. Edibles have a low absorption rate, so more mg is needed in comparison to vaping or sublingual method.

Edible dosing guidelines

Discomfort or pain – For pain therapy users are reported to take dosage ranging from 2.5 mg to 25 mg three to four times every day.

Overall wellness or health – Healthy people can use 2mg daily for supporting their wellness.

Sleeplessness – Edibles of 5 mg to 25 mg helps to sleep better for a long time as the kick in time of CBD is delayed.

Anxiety – To calm your mind, a small dose of 1 mg is sufficient but you can increase a little until you find the right dose level.

Oils & tinctures

Concentrated CBD tinctures [sublingually] and oil [mixed in food or drinks] are available in 15 to 30 ml bottles. The concentration level may vary anywhere between 100 to 5000 mg. You need to understand the tincture dosage serving size. It is usually 1ml/serving.

For example, a 30 ml tincture bottle with 5000 mg concentration means 1 ml serving is approximately 166.7 mg CBD. On the other hand, a 30 ml tincture bottle with 100 mg concentration means 1 ml serving is approximately 3.3 mg CBD. Both servings will result in different effects. So, start with low concentration for using the sublingual method.

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